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Old Fashion Beef Hot Dogs

Old fashion beef hot dogs. 4 per package.

Old fashion Beef Hot Dogs with Cheese

Old fashion beef hot dogs with cheese 4 per package

Old Fashion Sweet Hickory Beef Snack

Old fashion sweet hickory beef snack in Stix style. 5 per package

Old Fashion Beef Snack with Cheese

Old Fashion beef snack with cheese. 5 snacks per package. Snacks in stick form

Old Fashion Beef Snack with Jalapeno with Cheese

Old fashion beef snack with jalapeno and cheese. 5 snacks per package. Snacks in sticks form. Slightly spicy

Old fashion Beef Snack with Bourbon and Black Pepper

Old fashion beef snack with bourbon and black pepper. 5 snacks per package. Snacks in stick form.

Old Fashion Sweet Bologna

Old fashion sweet bologna. A bologna made for slicing for sandwich or crackers.

Old Fashion Beef Bologna with Cheese

Old fashion beef bologna with cheese. May be sliced for sandwich or crackers.


Oxtails used for beef broth and soups.

Soup Bones

Soup bones great for soup and beef broth. Also great as pet bones

Short Ribs

Short ribs. Great for soups and stews or cooked in crock for many uses.

Stew Meat

Stew meat great for stews and soups.

Pot Roast

Pot roast cooked in many ways. Great for many uses.

Chuck Roast

Chuck roast cooked in crock pot, stove top or oven Great for many uses.


Briskets are great for many uses.

Top Round Roast

Round roast great for many uses.

Rump Roast

Rump roast cooked in may different ways great for many uses.

Bottom Roast

Bottom roasts cooked in many ways great for many uses.

London Broil

London Broil cooked in many different ways. Great for many uses

Highland Ribeye Steak


Highland New York Strip Steak

New York Strip Steaks great for grilling Steak comes from the loin section

Highland Porterhouse Steak

Porterhouse steaks great for grilling Steak from the loin section combining the NY strip and the tenderloin with the...

Highland T-Bone Steaks

T -Bone steaks great for grilling Steak from loin section. Great bone in steak flavor.

Highland Whole Tenderloin

Can be cooked as a whole fillet or cut into individual steaks. Pulled from the loin section. Tender in its name along...

Highland Tenderloin Fillets

Tenderloin fillet individual steaks.

Highland Flat Iron Steaks

Flat iron steaks have many uses. There are only 4 per steer!!!

Highland Flank Steaks

Flank steaks great for many uses

Highland Sirloin

Sirloin steaks great fro grilling or many other uses.

Highland Minute Steaks

A family favorite. Cheese steak or tacos.Many

Highland Ground Beef

Ground beef Ultra lean. Great for many uses.

Highland 1/4 Burgers

1/4 lb ready made burgers. Great for grilling 4 burgers per package

Highland Beef Liver

Highland liver Great fried with onions. Also useful in a pet raw diet

Highland Hearts

Highland hearts have many uses. Also great in a pet raw diet

Highland Tongue

Highland tongue has many uses

Hearty Meat Specials

8 lbs of Highland beef Roasts 2 lbs of Ground beef

Highland Football Meat Special

8 lbs of Short ribs 2 lbs of Ground Beef

Highland Smoked Meat Specials

2 package of Beef hot dogs Regular or with Cheese 1 Sweet Bologna 3 Beef Snacks Hickory, Jalapeno, Bourbon, Cheese...

Highland Super Bowl Special

12 1/2 lb Highland burgers 3 Packages of Beef Snacks Hickory,Jalapeno, Cheese or Bourbon

Highland Premium Steaks

10 lbs of Premium Highland Steaks Great way to celebrate

Highland Harvest Special

8 lbs of Ground Beef or Stew Meat 4 lbs. of Old Fashion Hot Dogs. Beef and or Cheese 8 lbs. of beef Roasts

Highland Tailgate Special

2 lbs ground Beef for Chili or Tacos 2-1lb Packages of Ground Beef Patties 2 Packages of Old fashion Hot Dogs Beef...

Highland Holiday Dinner Special

4 Rib Rib roast or Whole Tenderloin Fillet 1 Package of Sweet Bologna 2 Packages Beef Snacks Hickory, Cheese,...

Highland Summertime Favorites

2 Premium Steaks Ribeye, New York, Porterhouse, or T-Bone 3 Sirloin grilling Steaks 3 lbs of ground beef 4 lbs of...

Highland Picnic Specials

2 Packages of 1/4 lb Burgers 2 Packages of Hot Dogs beef or Cheese 2 Packages of Beef Snacks Hickory, Cheese,...

Highland Beef Fill your Freezer Special

10 lbs of Ground beef 12 lbs of Beef Roasts Round, Rump, Bottom, Chuck, Pot, London Broil or Brisket 10 lbs of...

Sirloin Tip Roast

Great for all cooking methods for roast

Highland Grass fed Ground Round

Grass fed ground round ultra lean with the flavor of round

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